Ibiza 2.1

Ibiza 2.0

Supreme DJ setup

Ibiza tops the list of legendary locations to experience dancefloor euphoria every night of the week with the world’s top DJ talent. This same spirit rules our Ibiza 2.0 offering, setting the stage for unfettered fiestas.
Ibiza 2.0 comprises six Kara II loudspeakers and four SB18 compact subs, with over 24,000 W providing up to 142 dB of SPL (Sound Pressure Level). Clarity and performance have made Kara a perpetual best-seller and top-of-rider favorite for live events. The addition of L-Acoustics pioneering PanflexTM technology in the newest generation of Kara, Kara II, enhances precision and directivity, reinforcing the pro audio superstar status of Ibiza 2.0.
Ibiza sightings range from state-of-the-art superclubs to planetary EDM pilgrimages. The distinctive K-shaped silhouette of Kara is clearly visible across socials as the monitor setup for headline talent on festival mainstages.

As for the all-important low frequencies, Ibiza’s powerful SB18 subwoofers, four in all, put the bass in all the right places. Wait for the drop…and never forget it. If you and your friends are keen to play hard and party like a pro with the DJ toolkit of choice, then Ibiza beckons.

Includes: LA12X (two), Kara II (six), SB18 (four)

Price upon request

1.5 m

Reference Listener Position

DJ position

Sweet Spot

DJ stage

Listening Area

Stereo 2.1

Audio Format

> 117 dB

Maximum SPL

24,000 W


I remember about 12 years ago, we loaded in to a festival in the morning where they had a noise curfew in place. The system engineer was a bit apologetic about not only no soundcheck, but not even a system check for the stage headliner. I think I said something like, “It’s a well set-up L-Acoustics V-DOSC, we’re fine.” And we were. Things have continued and improved along the same lines of dependable, consistent, high-quality sound.

Kevin Madigan

Front of House, mixing and recording engineer, current FOH for Lana Del Rey and Santana

I’ve been using a system with K1, K1-SB, K2, Kara, with KS28 or SB28 for subs over the last number of years with Santana and Lana Del Rey. Very different artists but the system design and goals for both have been very similar: high-quality audio with intelligibility, clarity, power where necessary with headroom, and consistency from the first row of seats to the last.

Behind the scenes of Lana Del Rey's "LA to the Moon" tour with Kara front fills

The Pro Audio DNA of Ibiza

The Ibiza sound system gets parties started globally. Here are just a few examples of what can happen when you upgrade to iconic.

Stereo Sound Surround Sound

Fiji 2.1

Hawaii 2.1

Tahiti 2.1

Tonga 2.1

Ibiza 2.0

Fiji 5.1

Hawaii 5.1

Tonga 7.1
Reference Listener Position 1.3 m 2.6 m 3.5 m 6.9 m 1.5 m 1.3 m 2.6 m 4.8 m
Sweet Spot 6 m² 8 m² 20 m² 32 m² DJ position 14 m² 45 m² 95 m²
Listening Area 20 m² 80 m² up to 200 m² up to 800 m² DJ stage 20 m² 80 m² up to 200 m²
Sound Pressure Level (unweighted peak) > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB
Frequency Range 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz
Power 2.400 W 4.000 W 4.000 W 8.000 W 24.000 W 4.800 W 8.000 W 12.000 W
L-Acoustics speaker
2 x X4i
2 x X8
2 x SYVA
2 x SYVA
6 x KARA
2 x SB18
5 x X4i
5 x X8
3 x SYVA
4 x X8
L-Acoustics Amplified Controller 1 x LA2Xi 1 x LA4X 1 x LA4X 2 x LA4X 2 x LA12X 2 x LA2Xi 2 x LA4X 3 x LA4X
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