Tahiti 2.1

Indoor-outdoor elegance

When you discover Tahiti, you won’t want to leave. Our Tahiti 2.1 sound system features Syva, the incomparable loudspeaker tower that sleekly incorporates pro audio line array technology into a single, high fidelity colinear sound source.
With Tahiti, the power and elegance of Syva conspire to bathe your space in music, drawing you closer to the artist and the musical content. Syva boasts wide horizontal coverage of 140° ensuring that the sweet spot is as ample as it is present. With 26° vertical directivity focused on the listening area, Syva delivers sound with laser-like precision, conferring uncanny clarity and a sense of proximity.

Originally conceived for live reinforcement of opera vocals and classical music in concert halls which often have reverberant acoustics, Syva shines in terms of intelligibility at high SPL, allowing the listener to savor the dynamics of the most majestic crescendo or share a hushed moment with the artist.
Tahiti 2.1 is complemented by Syva Sub, the high power subwoofer alter-ego of Syva. Syva Sub is capable of delivering the infra low frequencies which contribute to the haptic sensations that nourish our appreciation of music and make the emotion palpable in the literal sense.

Includes: LA4X, Syva (two), Syva Sub (two)

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3.5 m

Optimal Listener Position

20 m²

Sweet Spot

Up to 200 m²

Listening Area

Stereo 2.1

Audio Format

> 117 dB

Maximum SPL

4,000 W


Private residence designed by COCHET/PAÏS ARCHITECTURE, French Riviera

At home away from the 60,000-seat stadiums he normally works in, Scott relaxes listening to a Syva system.

Syva gives me the flavour of the large format systems I'm so familiar with whilst also delivering the accuracy and precision of a near-field Hi-Fi system. This is the first system I use to check any of our pre-production work to know if we are heading in the right direction.

Scott Willsallen

Principal, Auditoria and Emmy Award-winning sound designer

Select credits and collaborations for Scott Willsallen: London 2012, Sochi 2014, Athens 2004 and Vancouver 2010 Olympic Ceremonies, Paul McCartney, Emili Sande, The Arctic Monkeys, Mike Oldfield, George Michael, Coldplay, Jessie J, Queen, Muse, One Direction, Annie Lennox, Pet Shop Boys, Elbow, Madness, Lady Gaga, Tiësto, Ennio Morricone, Pink Floyd and recently helped secure the Guinness World Record for the largest orchestra ever assembled.

Scott designed a sound system integrating L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology by L-Acoustics at the 48th UAE National Day celebration

The Pro Audio DNA of Tahiti

Your Tahiti sound system will become and indispensable part of your home, just as the Syva elements at its core have graced exclusive locations everywhere.

Stereo Sound Surround Sound

Fiji 2.1

Hawaii 2.1

Tahiti 2.1

Tonga 2.1

Ibiza 2.0

Fiji 5.1

Hawaii 5.1

Tonga 7.1
Reference Listener Position 1.3 m 2.6 m 3.5 m 6.9 m 1.5 m 1.3 m 2.6 m 4.8 m
Sweet Spot 6 m² 8 m² 20 m² 32 m² DJ position 14 m² 45 m² 95 m²
Listening Area 20 m² 80 m² up to 200 m² up to 800 m² DJ stage 20 m² 80 m² up to 200 m²
Sound Pressure Level (unweighted peak) > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB
Frequency Range 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz
Power 2.400 W 4.000 W 4.000 W 8.000 W 24.000 W 4.800 W 8.000 W 12.000 W
L-Acoustics speaker
2 x X4i
2 x X8
2 x SYVA
2 x SYVA
6 x KARA
2 x SB18
5 x X4i
5 x X8
3 x SYVA
4 x X8
L-Acoustics Amplified Controller 1 x LA2Xi 1 x LA4X 1 x LA4X 2 x LA4X 2 x LA12X 2 x LA2Xi 2 x LA4X 3 x LA4X
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