Wavepaths Spaces: London

World’s first Wavepaths Space is opening in London

Wavepaths merges science and psychotherapy, technology and art to harness the transformative power of experience – offering a desperately needed new approach to mental health and well-being.

Opening 29th March on Brick Lane, London: the first Wavepaths Pop-Up Space. A sanctuary of immersive art offering visitors meditative journeys through music and light. The Space offers deeply personal, adaptive multimedia experiences – visitors chose to be guided into stillness or to journey inwards under the supervision of trained psychotherapists.

Founded on the realization that a radically different approach to mental health is needed, Wavepaths is developing new models of care. Building on research and insights from psychedelic therapy, the startup is developing accessible and engaging ways to help people reconnect with their innate capacities to heal. The Wavepaths Pop-up Space merges science and psychotherapy, technology and art to let visitors taste the transformative potential of experience: experiences that help shift people’s perspectives on themselves and on the world around them, thereby promoting sustained improvements in well-being. The space doubles as both a designated place for personal growth and as a research site, dedicated to building the empirical evidence base for this innovative approach that utilizes ‘experience as a medicine’.

The Wavepaths Space provides deeply personal experiences of music and light through its new technologies, that use intelligent technologies (bio-sensors, predictive models and generative modelling) to sense and adapt the sensory qualities to each individual visitor. This continuous individual attunement heightens therapeutic effects. The content of the system is created for Wavepaths by collaborating artists such as Jon Hopkins, Greg Haines, Alio Die, Steve Roach, and Brian Eno, and are designed to target specific emotional and psychological processes.

To fully immerse visitors in the Wavepaths experience, an L-ISA Immersive Sound Art (L-ISA) installation of 25 speakers and one subwoofer (25.1) has been custom designed for the space by L-Acoustics Creations, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium sound systems for live events. L-ISA is designed to serve audiovisual creations by rethinking the listening experience, conveying sound in its authentic and most detailed form. Sounds are placed in a 3D space instead of being limited to just two stereo channels. As a result, the soundscape feels spectacularly expansive, cinematic, involving, and natural.

Mendel Kaelen, founder & CEO: “Wavepaths Spaces are designed as secular sanctuaries, offering calm retreats from modern life’s demands and a supportive environment for deep introspection and emotional reconnection.”

Wavepaths’ Pop-Up Space will be open daily from 7am to 11pm, with designated time periods dedicated to neuroscience and psychological research. People interested in participating in the research can sign up through the website. The majority of time is reserved for visitors seeking a new approach to personal growth: anyone interested in journeying inside through a high-tech, personally attuned and immersive art experience is welcome to book a session. All initial experiences will be guided by an experienced therapist. After this initial training, visitors will be able to drop in and enjoy the Space more independently.

Early access and more information about the opening event can be obtained by signing up through the website. People are advised to book quickly to avoid disappointment.


  • Opening 29 March 2019
  • 07.00 – 23.00
  • Brick Lane, London

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